Duckbill Dual USB Car Charger


Số lượng tối thiểu: 100

A great amount of awareness of your brand can be achieved among your customer by equipping them with Duckbill Dual USB Car Charger which has great features that includes usb 2 port car charger, charge two usb devices at same time, 1 A designed for cellphones, 2.1 A for tablet and your customers can use it as charging.

  • Product Size : 36 x 26 x 82 mm
  • Imprint Size : Screen Printing(Can be reduce or increase)
  • Imprint Method : 36 x 26 x 82 mm
  • Packing Method : Box Packing
  • Features : Usb 2 Port Car Charger, Charge Two Usb Devices At Same Time, 1 A Designed For Cellphones, 2.1 A For Tablet
  • Material : Plastic